“I’m not God but if I were God, ¾ of you would be girls, and the rest would be pizza and beer.” - Axl Rose

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Bob Dylan; captured by Charles Gatewood (1966)

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A Hard Day’s Night    Re-watch.
↳ Favorite scenes.

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Robert Plant totally fangirled when he met Elvis

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So today I was sitting in the cafeteria with a bunch of people and we were talking about Brian May and this girl was like “his hair is uGLY” and I gasped so hard you could hear it through the entire cafeteria

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David Bowie's Prank Call
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This will never not be hilarious.

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Roger Daltrey, 1974

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Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

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7u7 :

My favorite genre is “starts out normal but then turns into really disturbing psychological horror”


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Anyway, my new blog, the-funk-and-the-godfather, check it out

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oh my god my dad just went out to walk the dog and he must have got halfway down the street and then he just came back and I was like “what’s the matter” and he just said really quietly “i forgot the dog” and my dog was just siTTING BY THE DOORSTEP WITH HIS LEASH ON LOOKING REALLY SAD

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"Leg de lat hoog genoeg, dan geraak je er makkelijker onder door"

—Raamquote Parklaan, Sint-Niklaas (via froy)
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The Monkees text posts part 2